Effective Marketing Management (EMM) helps clients build stronger brands and achieve robust, sustainable sales and profit growth through vastly more effective advertising.


Our effectiveness-based advertising solutions are designed to build a larger more sustainable customer base with consumers who persistently purchase at full price.

Our advertising expertise is derived from our unique marketing effectiveness model that is fundamentally different from marketing mix, econometric models. Our model measures the impact of advertising on penetration versus repeat consumer purchase behavior. This approach provides greater measurement sensitivity and accuracy as well as greater insight and understanding of advertising effectiveness.

In the course of conducting more than 5,300 analyeseof thousands of commercials, media plans and consumer and trade promotions for for over 100 major brands , we have learned what works and what doesn’t work so well. We have accumulated this learning into powerful diagnostics to improve advertising performance.  EMM can make current advertising budgets produce an extra 5% to 10% in sales growth even for mature brands.

We focus primarily on advertising effectiveness to grow both topline sales and marketing profit contribution, with efficiency an important but secondary consideration. Efficiency without effectiveness is simply worthless

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