We employ a rigorous 3-step process to develop vastly more effective advertising.

      •   Each step reduces business risk and ensures growth success
      •   Must meet action standards at each step to proceed to the next step

Step 1: Identify and Assess Growth Opportunities

  • Apply TV Commercial Diagnostics to screen previously aired commercials for ones with the potential to generate strong attention/brand linkage
    • If effective commercials are not found, develop new copy
  • Apply Advertising Campaign Diagnostics to identify growth limitations due to media support and market position

Step 2: Validate Screened Commercials

  • Validate screened test commercials for in-market effectiveness to actually move the sales needle
Step 3:Conduct In-Market Experiement
  • Test validated commercial and EMM-specified media support and schedule
    • Deliver test market  media weight, program schedule and plan continuity
    • Isolate advertising from price promotion events
  • Scale and project weekly experimental results to annual sales and spending P&L

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